Which Items Can I Dispose Of?

Not sure how to get rid of your rubbish? Check out our A to Z list of reusing, recycling and waste disposal below:

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Waste Items we can dispose of starting with “a

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Cartons for milk, soft drinks, fruit juices and soup are generally made of “Tetra Pak” packaging. This packaging is not ordinary cardboard as it has been coated and therefore cannot be recycled with normal cardboard. You can take your Tetra Pak carton packaging for recycling to your local Recycling Centre and a selection of our Bring Sites. The fibre from the cartons can be recycled and converted into tubes and cores. The plastic can be recycled into new polymer products such as children’s play mats and the aluminium can be used in products such as breeze blocks.

Do you want to dispose of items that are too big for normal household rubbish and recycling collections?
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