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Educational events held to help protect our environment

16 June 2021

Wakefield Council’s recycling partner Renewi are running a series of educational events over the summer to encourage and inspire people across the district to recycle more and look after our environment.


Their ‘Let’s Sort it Out’ roadshows will frequently visit Castleford, Pontefract and Ossett markets over the next few months, distributing information and answering questions from the public about reducing waste and recycling correctly – such as what goes into which bin and what to do with items that do not belong in people’s bins.


They will also be distributing Real Nappies to applicants from these roadshows if they have booked a click and collect appointment. The Real Nappies Scheme allows new parents to trial a pack of 5 reusable nappies as an alternative to disposable nappies. Real nappies are a great way to reduce waste as well cost and a host of other benefits.  To find out more about the Real Nappy Scheme, visit https://renewiwakefield.co.uk/news/real-nappies/ or download our Real Nappies leaflet here https://renewiwakefield.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Real-Nappies-Leaflet-PRINT.pdf


Renewi will also host educational activities at the ‘Festival of the Earth’ – which will take place across the district from July to October 2021 – and will encourage local communities to make positive environmental changes to their daily lives and help tackle climate change – while having loads of fun.


Look out for the Renewi education team in the former Market Hall between 20 August and 5 September, who will be running activities highlighting the damage we cause to the planet by extracting natural materials and hosting games to explain how to recycle properly and how this will help protect the environment. This is a ticket only event. To find out more, visit expwake.co/EarthFestWFD


The team will also be hosting a range of events in Upton Town Hall during the summer holidays. These events are open to the public on 2, 3, 5, 13 and 14 August and are free to attend. Activities will range from reuse crafts to wormery making, so come down and get involved.


Reuse craft events for children will also be held in the district’s libraries from 27 July to 19 August.


Cllr Jack Hemingway, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “We have a goal to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2030 and to support the district to achieve this goal by 2038 at the latest.


“Events like these held by Renewi encourage people to make changes and inspire people to want to protect their environment by making it fun and educational.”


All events will be held in line with and are subject to governmental guidelines in regards to COVID-19 and full risk assessments and mitigation such as face coverings and hand sanitiser will be in place where necessary.


To find out more about household recycling, and what should go in your bins, visit: https://www.wakefield.gov.uk/bins-and-environment/bins-and-recycling/recycling/using-your-recycling-bins



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